Our Story

house of myrrh is about the fragrance of being a woman. A myrrh fragrant rose, rare with a distinct hypnotic scent, formulates the idea that a woman is reconised by the sphere in which she moves. This is the inspiration behind garments that remain faithful to house of myrrh.

Timeless garments of refined simplicity, high quality tailoring that highlights the femininity. house of myrrh blends the commercial with the handmade, favouring new and experimental ideas and methods, through the process of

sustained innovation. A journey not a destination, house of myrrh is engaged in a continual process of reinvention, invention, and discovery.
house of myrrh is a New Zealand mother-daughter luxury fashion label, founded in 2007.

The design philosophies of Kirsty Fecteau and Emma Merwood are influenced by their childhoods on the family’s hill-country farm. Drawing from the everyday, the honesty of the natural land meets with the honesty of concepts, designs and fabrics.

‘house of myrrh has something I have never seen before. They are absolutely superb; the style is amazing and the quality and workmanship are superb’.

(Vanessa Hiscock- Owner of Precioso, boutique, Wanganui).

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